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The media and social media landscape has changed forever.  And will continue to do so at a pace challenges us all to keep up with.

But the stakeholders haven’t changed. From shareholders to investors, government partners, employees, business partners, customers, the general public, permanent opposition groups and more.

What matters most is how their expectations have changed. They all expect more of both corporations and governments than ever before.

Expectations of business performance and returns, social performance, societal contribution/impact, product and service innovation, employee well-being, community welfare.


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Our Services

Training & Capacity Building

Customized Media Training Programs (Arabic & English)

Spokesperson and Presentation Training

Individual Executive Coaching


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Specialized Arabic & English Content

Content Development

Arabic- and English-First Content Development Experts

Executive Thought Leadership

Strategic Content...

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Employee Engagement & Employer Brand Building

Change Management

Organizational Audit and Restructuring

Business Strategy Alignment

Employer of Choice Brand Positioning


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Crisis & Issues Preparedness / Management

Corporate Readiness/Preparedness Assessment

Risk and Issues Auditing

Real-time Issues Listening/Monitoring and Analysis

Customized Crisis...

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Government Engagement and Strategic Communications

For Governments Reaching Key Stakeholders (Domestic and International)

For Corporate Positioning with Government Partners

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Corporate Brand & Reputation Building

CEO and Executive Positioning

Executive Thought Leadership Content

Stakeholder/Influencer Mapping

Corporate Narrative and Messaging...

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Our Portfolio

Purposeful Storytelling

We find the critical interconnection between your business strategy/growth needs and what matters most to key stakeholders and customers.

How do you most effectively put yourself in the context...

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Stakeholder Engagement

Public or stakeholder engagement is more than just communications or advocacy.

Effective stakeholder engagement increases trust.

You can make a measurable impact closing the gap between...

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Planning Your Google Effect

Does your communications strategy effectively and, more important, purposefully control your search engine footprint?

That search engine footprint could be the broad story of your company...

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Activating Influencers with Impact

The research is clear.  CEOs and C-suite executives have an important role to play in your communication strategy.  The same holds true for government leaders. But the weight their voices carry,...

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Acting with Real Purpose

Recently the UAE established a new UAE Corporate Social Responsibility Fund that raises the bar for companies to adopt more meaningful and purpose-driven social impact initiatives.

This move...

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“Arabic First” Communications

There is a great fear among leaders across the Arab region that the language is at risk of becoming irrelevant.  And as language goes, so does the culture.

Governments are taking notice and...

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Ehab Al Mousa, CEO & Founder

Ehab Al Mousa is the CEO & Founder of 360 Business Consultancy, he has over 16 years’ experience in public relations, strategic...