Category Services

Corporate Brand & Reputation Building

CEO and Executive Positioning Executive Thought Leadership Content Stakeholder/Influencer Mapping Corporate Narrative and Messaging Framework Financial Communications Corporate Responsibility, Social Purpose and Governance Strategy Strategic Partnerships Customized Business Strategy and Issues-Focused Workshops Specialized Market Expansion and Entry Support

Crisis & Issues Preparedness / Management

Corporate Readiness/Preparedness Assessment Risk and Issues Auditing Real-time Issues Listening/Monitoring and Analysis Customized Crisis Simulation Spokesperson Training and Preparation Crisis Response Guidelines and Protocols

Specialized Arabic & English Content

Content Development Arabic- and English-First Content Development Experts Executive Thought Leadership Strategic Content and Publishing Strategy Speechwriting Video, Animation, Infographics and Data Visualization Website Design, Content, and Production Translation Services Expert Arabic Translation/Arabization Panel Specialists in All Arabic Dialects

Training & Capacity Building

Customized Media Training Programs (Arabic & English) Spokesperson and Presentation Training Individual Executive Coaching Customized Communications Training Modules