Planning Your Google Effect

Does your communications strategy effectively and, more important, purposefully control your search engine footprint?

That search engine footprint could be the broad story of your company overall, how you communicate a specific pillar of your strategic narrative or how you better control and neutralize negative stories around key issues or business threats.

The beauty of search engine algorithms is that they give you a roadmap for telling a 360-degree story that paints the picture you want to paint.

Those algorithms can:

  • Direct your content strategy and drive a content strategy that greater improves how you come up during a search … owned media, earned media, social media, video, imagery.
  • Influence media targeting, pointing you toward the publications with the greatest search engine staying power.
  • Focus your narrative, integrating the same thinking you put into SEO and SEM to the language and terminology you use in your communications to ensure your content aligns with the most popular search terms.
  • Transforming communications strategy into a publishing strategy can effectively reverse engineer your search engine footprint, or your Google Effect.

You can better control and measure what your stakeholders discover about you when they search on their terms.