The Power of Engaged Employees

It’s well documented that talent recruitment, development and retention is the #1 impediment to sustainable business growth.

That’s an even greater strategic imperative in emerging and high-growth markets.

Strategic talent management is particularly challenging in markets where highly specialized industry experience is in short supply and governments are not only encouraging but regulating local hiring quotas.

Building a strong employer brand matters when competing for top talent.  But what’s most effective and provides lasting impact in building a strong employer brand is a genuinely engaged workforce:

  • One that is actively engaged in not only understanding but discussing corporate strategy. 
  • Where employees at all levels clearly see how their performance every day contributes to company success. 
  • A workforce that believes you are transparent and open in your communications to them. 
  • And that they have a voice.  That two-way communications not only exist but aren’t treated as lip service.
  • An engaged workforce can provide one of the most powerful advocacy strategies and amplification techniques available to you.

They can be harnessed in a positive and powerful way that encourages and celebrates being loud and proud in their support and belief in your organization, products, services, and future.

They can be powerful advocates of a changing or evolving business management strategy.

And in times of crisis the voices of engaged employees can make a real difference in how credible your reaction is perceived and how fast your brand recovers.